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Regent Seven Seas Cruises has 6 ships in the fleet.

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Built: 2016

Tons: 56000

Cabins: 377

Built: 2023

Tons: 56000

Cabins: 375

Built: 2001

Tons: 46500

Cabins: 354

Built: 1999

Tons: 28550

Cabins: 253

Built: 2020

Tons: 56000

Cabins: 377

Built: 2003

Tons: 49000

Cabins: 353

Click on a ship name from the Regent Seven Seas Cruises fleet above to go to the cruise ship deck plan page for that Regent Seven Seas Cruises cruise ship. You can click on column titles to sort list. PSR (Passenger Space Ratio) uses our own formula to determine the max number of passengers on the ship during peak sailing times and divides that by the total tons of the ship to determine the per passenger space ratio. Although not an exact science, the higher the ratio the more square footage per passenger. You can expect fewer passengers during non peak sailings.

Cruise Ships for Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Ships Class Built Length Passengers
(2 per cabin)
(Peak sailings)
Tons Crew Cabins PSR
Seven Seas Grandeur Explorer 2023 735 750 825 56000 542 375 68
Seven Seas Splendor Explorer 2020 735 754 829 56000 542 377 68
Seven Seas Explorer Explorer 2016 735 754 829 56000 542 377 68
Seven Seas Voyager NA 2003 670 706 777 49000 447 353 63
Seven Seas Mariner NA 2001 708 708 779 46500 440 354 60
Seven Seas Navigator NA 1999 560 506 557 28550 315 253 51

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Regent Seven Seas Cruises has 6 ships in the fleet.

To contact Regent Seven Seas call 888-869-8133.

Our luxury vessels are designed for guests numbering in the hundreds rather than the thousands. Six Star Distinctions include: All ocean-view suites/staterooms. Single open-seating dining and a choice of restaurants. 24-Hour room service & in suite dining. Complimentary wines with dinner. Complimentary in suite bar set-up. Service and space ratios among the highest in cruising. Gratuities included in cruise fares.

Regent is now under the umbrella of Norwegian Cruise Line.

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Service Charges:
Regent charges the following service charges automatically to your stateroom bill: Gratuities are already included in cruise fare and therefore not required. These service charges cover the basic tips to stateroom and dining staff and should be planned into your budget for the cruise.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises Capacity Trend:
Year # of Cabins Change %
2012 960
2013 960 0 0 %
2014 960 0 0 %
2015 960 0 0 %
2016 1,337 377 39 %
2017 1,337 0 0 %
2018 1,337 0 0 %
2019 1,337 0 0 %
2020 1,714 377 28 %
2021 1,714 0 0 %
2022 1,714 0 0 %
Total 754 79%
Watch growth and decline rates. Rapid growth may lead to quality and service issues.

The following is a listing of some of the special dining options that Regent Seven Seas Cruises offers. Use the key below to identify the restaurant name. You can click on a ship name to go to the deck plan page for that ship.

Chart Chartreuse
Deriving its name from sultry glass panels that adorn the dining room walls, Chartreuse evokes memories of a chic Parisian fine dining restaurant. Its ambiance is complemented by a menu that features dishes expertly prepared using both classic and modern techniques for a multiple course celebration of French gastronomy.

Prime7 Prime 7
A true classic in every sense, Prime 7 sets a new standard in steakhouse fare with its contemporary interpretation of an American favorite. Handsomely decorated with supple leather wing-back chairs, burnished woods and rich earth-toned fabrics, Prime 7 exudes a distinct, intimate elegance. This is glamour redefined, a luxurious setting to enjoy classic steakhouse cuisine with a modern flair.

SetteM Sette Mari at La Veranda
Each evening, La Veranda transforms into Sette Mari at La Veranda, a casual, intimate dining experience. Enjoy an extensive menu of authentic antipasti and Italian specialties served Ala carte and paired with fine Italian wines, complimentary of course. Delectable dishes are prepared Ala minute by our talented chefs using only the freshest gourmet ingredients and served by our attentive waiters. Sette Mari at La Veranda is open for dinner only.

Signat Signatures
Preparing authentic, decadent French cuisine is an art form and is the raison datre of our French restaurant, Signatures. Capturing the diversity of French fare, our seasoned chefs offer an exquisite dining experience with tantalizing tastes and enticing presentation. Consequently, each and every dish served in Signatures is absolutely sublime and purely French.

The following is a listing of some of the features that Regent Seven Seas Cruises offers. You can click on a ship name to go to the deck plan page for that ship.

Ship Pools Hot Tubs Rock Wall Flow Rider Waterslide Waterpark Ropes Mini-Golf Outdoor Movies Observation Lounge
Seven Seas Explorer 2 3 -- -- -- -- -- Yes -- Yes
Seven Seas Grandeur 2 3 -- -- -- -- -- Yes -- Yes
Seven Seas Mariner 1 3 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes
Seven Seas Navigator 1 2 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes
Seven Seas Splendor 2 3 -- -- -- -- -- Yes -- Yes
Seven Seas Voyager 1 2 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes

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