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Azamara Club Cruises has 4 ships in the fleet.

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Built: 2000

Tons: 30277

Cabins: 355

Built: 1999

Tons: 30277

Cabins: 352

Built: 2001

Tons: 30277

Cabins: 352

Built: 2000

Tons: 30277

Cabins: 361

Click on a ship name from the Azamara Club Cruises fleet above to go to the cruise ship deck plan page for that Azamara Club Cruises cruise ship. You can click on column titles to sort list. PSR (Passenger Space Ratio) uses our own formula to determine the max number of passengers on the ship during peak sailing times and divides that by the total tons of the ship to determine the per passenger space ratio. Although not an exact science, the higher the ratio the more square footage per passenger. You can expect fewer passengers during non peak sailings.

Cruise Ships for Azamara Club Cruises

Ships Class Built Length Passengers
(2 per cabin)
(Peak sailings)
Tons Crew Cabins PSR
Azamara Pursuit R-Class 2001 593 704 774 30277 400 352 39
Azamara Journey R-Class 2000 593 710 781 30277 408 355 39
Azamara Quest R-Class 2000 593 722 794 30277 408 361 38
Azamara Onward R-Class 1999 592 704 774 30277 400 352 39

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Azamara Club Cruises has 4 ships in the fleet.

What sets Azamara Cruises apart from other vacation choices today is the cruise line's passionate dedication to providing guests with a cruise experience that exceeds expectations. This includes high quality, superior design, spacious accommodations, grand style, attentive service and exceptional cuisine.

Because Azamara specializes in what we call Destination Immersion (meaning longer stays, more overnights and night touring in ports of call). No other cruise line spends as much time in port - allowing Azamara guests a richer stay in the destinations we visit, enjoying things like live music, theater and restaurants, and clubs that light up after dark.

Of course, onboard our two 694-guest ships the experience is more club-like, with a higher staff-to-guest ratio to ensure that all of your needs are not only met, but anticipated.

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Azamara Club Cruises Capacity Trend:
Year # of Cabins Change %
2012 1,068
2013 1,068 0 0 %
2014 1,068 0 0 %
2015 1,068 0 0 %
2016 1,068 0 0 %
2017 1,068 0 0 %
2018 1,420 352 33 %
2019 1,420 0 0 %
2020 1,420 0 0 %
2021 1,420 0 0 %
2022 1,068 -352 -25 %
Total 0 0%
Watch growth and decline rates. Rapid growth may lead to quality and service issues.

The following is a listing of some of the special dining options that Azamara Club Cruises offers. Use the key below to identify the restaurant name. You can click on a ship name to go to the deck plan page for that ship.

Aqual Aqualina
Savor fabulous Mediterranean seafood and other cuisine against a backdrop of floor-to-ceiling views and a soothing blue and white decor. Price per person: 25.00

Prime Prime C
Settle in for a marvelous evening at Azamara classic wood-paneled steakhouse with stunning views and lush autumn decor. The menu includes steaks in a variety of cuts cooked to perfection, along with starters like crab cakes with remoulade, lobster bisque, wedge salad with bacon and blue cheese, and more. Price per person: 25.00

The following is a listing of some of the features that Azamara Club Cruises offers. You can click on a ship name to go to the deck plan page for that ship.

Ship Pools Hot Tubs Rock Wall Flow Rider Waterslide Waterpark Ropes Mini-Golf Outdoor Movies Observation Lounge
Azamara Journey 1 1 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes
Azamara Onward 1 3 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Azamara Pursuit 1 1 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes
Azamara Quest 1 1 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes

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