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Check List for Cruising!

Check List for Cruising!
July 13th, 2015 1:59 pm     A+ | a-
Here is a check list to use when booking a cruise on your own.
When you book cruise:
  • Check to be sure spelling of all names on the booking matches exactly to your official identification (in most cases your passport)
  • Check to make sure your passport will be valid for 6 months beyond cruise ending date.  If not renew your passport before the cruise.
  • Double check dates of sailing and ship.
  • If you are in late stage of pregnancy, check with Cruise line to make sure you are able to sail.
Before you cruise:
  • Purchase cruise insurance.  At the very least purchase medical and emergency evacuation
  • Complete check in on Cruise lines website.
  • Pre-book any shore excursions, beverage packages or specialty dining online ahead of time.
  • Make plans to arrive at port early.  If flying, try to fly a day or two before cruise.
  • Give family member emergency contact number for ship.
  • Notify credit card Company of trip and where you will be traveling.
  • Review cruise deck plans to get acquainted with the ship.
Before you board:
  • Print out of cruise ticket.
  • Bring identification (passport if required, or valid photo id).
  • Bring your credit card that you will charge nightly service charges, beverages, gifts, etc.
  • Bring money for extra tips.
  • Pack a bag for boarding (in case luggage arrives to room late).  Include something to wear for dinner.
  • Print out luggage tags and attached to luggage before arriving at port.
  • Don’t forget sunscreen, bug spray, medicine, small flash light, and waterproof wallet.
On the ship:
  • Arrive at shows 30 minutes early.
  • Find a seat in the buffet before you get your food.
  • Please be kind to other passengers and don't be a chair hog.

Steve Millay, ACC
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